Thursday, June 25, 2009

MAKE-UP expert

Make up expert

It was evening and there was a blown fuse at my house. It would take some time for my young bro to fix it. Meanwhile, I needed to go to the nearby supermarket to pick up some groceries. So, in the semi darkness of my bedroom (some light came through the window from the street lamp across the street), I put on some lipstick, accentuated my eyebrows, and powdered my nose. I then set out looked forward to browsing among the goodies. In the store, as I was taking my time examining various items, I couldn't help noticing a number of costumers looking at me in an odd way.

Confident that it was my good looks that attracted these glances, I finally arrived at the check-out counter. Again, several people stared at me, including the cashier, but this time I got the feeling they weren't exactly admiring me. In fact, the cashier seemed to be having a hard time keeping a straight face. So, after I had paid for my purchases, I stepped aside and took out a small mirror from my bag. In the bright lights of the supermarket, I saw that my eyebrows were heavily penciled in bright red. Obviously, in the dark I had mistaken my lip liner for the eyebrow pencil !

Blushing with shame, I literally ran home.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Looks Guys, I'm riding, oops! I mean pushing, my Motorcycle

I was so excited when I could finally ride a motorcycle. Well, I was not very skillful yet, but a trip around the neighborhood shouldn't be the hard, right ? So, one lovely afternoon, I decided to take a ride. There was a basketball court near my house where all the hottest hunks of the town usually hung out. Wow, what a golden opportunity for me to show off my riding skills to them ! Without further ado, I pushed my motorcycle to full speed. just when I passed the basketball court,
the engine suddenly went off ! I tried again and again to start it, but it didn't work! All the boy were looking at me, wondering what that silly Girl was trying to do. Oh, I was so embarrassed ! Confused and in despair, I finally pushed my motorcycle all the way home .... Yeah, I did get their attention, but not the kind I'd wanted at all!

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Linkin Park Fan

Linkin Park Fan

One day, I went to a mall to buy some things. Going to the mall is my hobby, because I can see lots of pretty girls hanging around the Mall. When I entered a CD Store, I saw a young woman who looked confused.

"Go for it, buddy!" The devil inside me said.
I approached to her, and offered her my help.
"Need a hand ?" I asked her nicely without blinking at her.
"Oh yes! I am looking for a new Linkin park record. Can you help me ?" she replied.

"Linkin Park ? of course. Come on, I will show you the way ! I am big fan of Linkin Park too, to tell you the truth," I proudly to her.
Everything seemed perfect, until she said : "Oh you see, this is for my ten year old son ! "

Oh .. she have children :(

Friday, June 12, 2009

Adopting a Baby

An American couple is delighted when their long wait to adopt a baby comes to an end. The adoption center calls and tell them that they have a wonderful Russian Baby boy, and the couple takes him without hesitation.

On the way home from the adoption center, they stop by the local college to enroll in night courses. After they filled out the forms, the registration clerk asks,
" Whatever possessed you to study Russian ?"
The couple proudly say, "We have just adopted a Russian baby, and in a year or so he'll start to talk. We just want to be able to understand him."

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Family Driver

martin has just received his brand new driver's license. The Family troops out to the driveway, and climbs in the car, where he is going to take them for a ride for the first time. Dad immediately heads for the back seat, directly behind the newly minted driver.

"I bet you're back there to get a change of scenery after all those months of sitting in the front passenger seat teaching me how to drive," says the beaming boy to his father.

"Nope," comes dad's reply, "I am going to sit here and kick the back of your seat as you drive, just like you have been doing to me all these years."

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Having a First Child

Another Joke about it happens in the Family

Djoni and his wife are making their first doctor visit, the wife being pregnant with their first child.
After everything checked out, the doctor takes a small stamp and stamps the wife's stomach with indelible ink.

The couple is curios about what the stamp is for, so when they get home, the husband gets out his magnifying glass to try to see what it is.
in very tiny letters, the stamp says, "When you can read this without a magnifying glass, come back and see me."
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Jokes in Family

It happens in the Family

What does a child means to its family ? probably it's their most precious possession. Stories about a family with child may effect you in many ways. Sometimes thay make you sad, or angry, but sometimes they also make you Laugh. You will Love the following tales.

Woman is on a Bus
A woman gets on a bus holding a baby.
The Bus driver says, "That's the ugliest baby I've ever seen."

Angrily, the woman slams her fare into the fare box and takes an aisle seat near the rear of the bus.
The man seated next to her senses that she is agitated and asks her what is wrong.
"The Bus driver insulted me," she fumes.
The man sympathizes and says, " Why, he's a public servant and shouldn't say things to insult passengers."
" You are right," She says. " I think I will go back up there and give him a piece of my mind."
"That's the good idea." the man syas.
" Here, let me hold your MONKEY "
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