Monday, June 22, 2009


Looks Guys, I'm riding, oops! I mean pushing, my Motorcycle

I was so excited when I could finally ride a motorcycle. Well, I was not very skillful yet, but a trip around the neighborhood shouldn't be the hard, right ? So, one lovely afternoon, I decided to take a ride. There was a basketball court near my house where all the hottest hunks of the town usually hung out. Wow, what a golden opportunity for me to show off my riding skills to them ! Without further ado, I pushed my motorcycle to full speed. just when I passed the basketball court,
the engine suddenly went off ! I tried again and again to start it, but it didn't work! All the boy were looking at me, wondering what that silly Girl was trying to do. Oh, I was so embarrassed ! Confused and in despair, I finally pushed my motorcycle all the way home .... Yeah, I did get their attention, but not the kind I'd wanted at all!

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