Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sorry, Boss

One day, I dropped by at my friend's house. After we talked for about an hour, she went out to buy us lunch. before she left, I borrowed her Nokia cell phone and read her funny SMS. I had never used a Nokia cellphone before and my friend used English as the Language on the cell, a language that I wasn't too good at. I got a bit confused. When she came back, there were about 20 incoming SMSes. Surprised, she read all of them. Most of them were short messages stating how funny the joke was. We were confused. She asked me if I had sent any SMS to her friends. I shrugged and said I really didn't know what I had done with her cellphone. A new short text message came in and my friend was completely shocked. It was from her boss. He wrote: "Not funny, young lady. I am your Boss, remember?"

She contacted him immediately, he was very upset. He said it was impolite to send him such SMS. She asked him what kind of SMS had been sent from her cellphone. he read it to her: "One day, a Lion, a Tiger and a Fox are having a meeting in a jungle. But the meting has been postponed because they have been waiting for the monkey who is reading this SMS".
My friend's face turned red. I was so ashamed. She made me apologize to her boss that very moment on the phone. The following week, when my friend and I attended a book fair, we met her boos. She introduced me to him. The Boss then looked at me and said, "So, this is the queen of the jungle who sent me the SMS. How was the meeting?"

My friend couldn't help laughing. Me? I felt like disappearing.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


The sun shone brightly that afternoon so I decided to open the Mikrolet window.
Fresh air blew in and freed me from sweating. The wind was so strong that it could even dry my wet hijab! Some moments later, I felt something fluttering above my head, but I didn't pay attention because I was enjoying the wind too much.
And soon I realized that I was wrong not to try to find out what it was! Within seconds, the wind blew away my hijab that had come loose!

I felt so embarrassed because all the passengers were chuckling!
I went off that mikrolet in no time!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Slippery When Wet

Slippery When Wet (and Meeting Your Crush)

Why do stupid things happen when we least expect them?
We never know; they just happen.
For Example, several weeks ago, I caught sight of my dream guy while was walking down the corridor of my college building. We both knew each other name, but we had never gotten a chance to talk to each other. So, at that moment, I deliberately changed direction to make it look like we would meet coincidently. With my heart beating faster, I prepared to say 'Hi' as Mr. Cool walked towards me.
I was so concerned about how I looked, whether I walked naturally, etc. that I didn't notice that the floor was very wet and slippery! just when I was about to open my mouth, suddenly .....
I feel down on my butt! I did say something, but not "Hi" but "Yikes ... Ouch ... Ugh...!!"

Humiliated, I stood up again and rushed off with stains on my pants!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Forgotten Grandmother

This is story about my grandma's clumsy driver, who is called Mas Jo. Mas Jo likes to do everything very fast, so fast that he often trips over things.
One day, my grandma wanted to go to Yogyakarta by train. The train was to leave soon, so she told Mas Jo to hurry. "Quickly put my luggage into the car, and make sure you don't leave anything behind."
Mas Jo, as always, hurried from grandma's room to the car back and forth. After getting everything done, he rushed to the station, and arrived there in not more than 15 minutes. "Here we are, ma'am. With me, there's no way you are going to be late! Now, let me help you with luggage," Mas Jo said confidently.

But his offer met with no answer. "Ma'am? Ma'am ? Where are you?" Oh .. No! He didn't forget to bring even the smallest piece of luggage, yet forgot to bring my grandmother herself ! ;-)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Dear Forehead

One Night I was worried sick because I still didn't have the money to pay the last installment of my course fee. And the deadline was the next day ! After scrounging around among all my belongings, including my piggy bank, I was relieved to find some money in my binder. So the next day, I went to my course place to pay the fee. After getting the receipt I thought happily, "Well, Everything is OK now."
Apparently I was too happy to see the glass door in front of me. And "WHAM!" I crashed against the door. Everyone in the room could hear the sound and started to grin at me. The office clerk hollered in, "Oh my GOD ! Please be careful !" I walked out feeling totally freaked out, complete with a swollen and red forehead.
User-Agent: *
Allow: /
I am so shame ;-)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Wrong Guy at The Wrong Place

My sister, her friend, my boyfriend and I were window shopping on a typical hot and crowded Saturday afternoon in Kota Pelajar, Jogjakarta. The street was packed with people on both side. Even cars were having a hard time passing through. Knowing that it would be hard for the four of us to walk side by side, we walked in pairs. I was leading the group alongside my boyfriend with me sister and her friend tagging along behind us. Suddenly, my sister nudged me, saying that there were cute necklaces being sold at a necklace vendor.

I turned around and said, " Yeah, but maybe next time." I turned back and held my boyfriend by his arm ... only to find that is wasn't him! It was a man with a build and shirt similar to my boyfriend's ! He stared at me, probably wondering why this strange girl was holding his arm. I stopped and stammered, " I am sorry, I am sorry." and quickly walked away as my sister, her friend, and my boyfriend were giggling at me.

What an embarrassing moment !

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

is it a Boy or Girl ?

Sunday, June 25th was the most embarrassing but also the funniest day for me. That day DS was celebrating its 44th anniversary by organizing many contest at Dufan. Four of my friends and I joined the Video Jockey contest. Two Girls from different place became the VJ's, while two other boys and I from my place became the guest stars, Destiny's Child. As Destiny's Child we had to impersonate girls, and of course we were dressed like girl. I was shocked to find that our senior wanted to put make up on us. I tried to hide but of course it was useless. To make it worse, there were some people in monkey suits teasing me.
Then the time came for us to get on the stage.
When the VJ's called us, we ran onto the stage and said hello to the audience. I felt so nervous. The audience hysterically laughed at us. Oh, GOD .... it was the most embarrassing moment. Unlike my two friends who enjoyed their roles, I was speechless. Since that day, I swear I will never want to act as a girl anymore.

But I was happy ... not because my senior said that I looked beautiful, but because we won the 1st Prize !!!