Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Forgotten Grandmother

This is story about my grandma's clumsy driver, who is called Mas Jo. Mas Jo likes to do everything very fast, so fast that he often trips over things.
One day, my grandma wanted to go to Yogyakarta by train. The train was to leave soon, so she told Mas Jo to hurry. "Quickly put my luggage into the car, and make sure you don't leave anything behind."
Mas Jo, as always, hurried from grandma's room to the car back and forth. After getting everything done, he rushed to the station, and arrived there in not more than 15 minutes. "Here we are, ma'am. With me, there's no way you are going to be late! Now, let me help you with luggage," Mas Jo said confidently.

But his offer met with no answer. "Ma'am? Ma'am ? Where are you?" Oh .. No! He didn't forget to bring even the smallest piece of luggage, yet forgot to bring my grandmother herself ! ;-)