Wednesday, July 1, 2009

is it a Boy or Girl ?

Sunday, June 25th was the most embarrassing but also the funniest day for me. That day DS was celebrating its 44th anniversary by organizing many contest at Dufan. Four of my friends and I joined the Video Jockey contest. Two Girls from different place became the VJ's, while two other boys and I from my place became the guest stars, Destiny's Child. As Destiny's Child we had to impersonate girls, and of course we were dressed like girl. I was shocked to find that our senior wanted to put make up on us. I tried to hide but of course it was useless. To make it worse, there were some people in monkey suits teasing me.
Then the time came for us to get on the stage.
When the VJ's called us, we ran onto the stage and said hello to the audience. I felt so nervous. The audience hysterically laughed at us. Oh, GOD .... it was the most embarrassing moment. Unlike my two friends who enjoyed their roles, I was speechless. Since that day, I swear I will never want to act as a girl anymore.

But I was happy ... not because my senior said that I looked beautiful, but because we won the 1st Prize !!!