Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Dear Forehead

One Night I was worried sick because I still didn't have the money to pay the last installment of my course fee. And the deadline was the next day ! After scrounging around among all my belongings, including my piggy bank, I was relieved to find some money in my binder. So the next day, I went to my course place to pay the fee. After getting the receipt I thought happily, "Well, Everything is OK now."
Apparently I was too happy to see the glass door in front of me. And "WHAM!" I crashed against the door. Everyone in the room could hear the sound and started to grin at me. The office clerk hollered in, "Oh my GOD ! Please be careful !" I walked out feeling totally freaked out, complete with a swollen and red forehead.
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I am so shame ;-)