Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Slippery When Wet

Slippery When Wet (and Meeting Your Crush)

Why do stupid things happen when we least expect them?
We never know; they just happen.
For Example, several weeks ago, I caught sight of my dream guy while was walking down the corridor of my college building. We both knew each other name, but we had never gotten a chance to talk to each other. So, at that moment, I deliberately changed direction to make it look like we would meet coincidently. With my heart beating faster, I prepared to say 'Hi' as Mr. Cool walked towards me.
I was so concerned about how I looked, whether I walked naturally, etc. that I didn't notice that the floor was very wet and slippery! just when I was about to open my mouth, suddenly .....
I feel down on my butt! I did say something, but not "Hi" but "Yikes ... Ouch ... Ugh...!!"

Humiliated, I stood up again and rushed off with stains on my pants!