Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sorry, Boss

One day, I dropped by at my friend's house. After we talked for about an hour, she went out to buy us lunch. before she left, I borrowed her Nokia cell phone and read her funny SMS. I had never used a Nokia cellphone before and my friend used English as the Language on the cell, a language that I wasn't too good at. I got a bit confused. When she came back, there were about 20 incoming SMSes. Surprised, she read all of them. Most of them were short messages stating how funny the joke was. We were confused. She asked me if I had sent any SMS to her friends. I shrugged and said I really didn't know what I had done with her cellphone. A new short text message came in and my friend was completely shocked. It was from her boss. He wrote: "Not funny, young lady. I am your Boss, remember?"

She contacted him immediately, he was very upset. He said it was impolite to send him such SMS. She asked him what kind of SMS had been sent from her cellphone. he read it to her: "One day, a Lion, a Tiger and a Fox are having a meeting in a jungle. But the meting has been postponed because they have been waiting for the monkey who is reading this SMS".
My friend's face turned red. I was so ashamed. She made me apologize to her boss that very moment on the phone. The following week, when my friend and I attended a book fair, we met her boos. She introduced me to him. The Boss then looked at me and said, "So, this is the queen of the jungle who sent me the SMS. How was the meeting?"

My friend couldn't help laughing. Me? I felt like disappearing.