Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Wrong Guy at The Wrong Place

My sister, her friend, my boyfriend and I were window shopping on a typical hot and crowded Saturday afternoon in Kota Pelajar, Jogjakarta. The street was packed with people on both side. Even cars were having a hard time passing through. Knowing that it would be hard for the four of us to walk side by side, we walked in pairs. I was leading the group alongside my boyfriend with me sister and her friend tagging along behind us. Suddenly, my sister nudged me, saying that there were cute necklaces being sold at a necklace vendor.

I turned around and said, " Yeah, but maybe next time." I turned back and held my boyfriend by his arm ... only to find that is wasn't him! It was a man with a build and shirt similar to my boyfriend's ! He stared at me, probably wondering why this strange girl was holding his arm. I stopped and stammered, " I am sorry, I am sorry." and quickly walked away as my sister, her friend, and my boyfriend were giggling at me.

What an embarrassing moment !