Sunday, August 9, 2009

Chicken Said

This funny, mmm ... rather embarrassing, story happened when I was in primary school. It was a long time ago. Actually, I have a poor memory, so normally an old story like what I am about to share with you should have been easily forgotten. But not this story. Having lots of brothers makes the embarrassment linger.
Why? because they keep referring to it .. even when we have all grown up now!

Here's the story. Back then I was very smitten with foreign languages, especially English. It was no strange thing for my brothers to see me absorbed in watching TV programs for hours, especially documentaries.
Why, they were mostly in English! (Dubbing was not a common practice back then). One afternoon, my brothers and I watched a documentary about poultry. As the show got to the part when a rooster was crowing, I sat bolt upright on my chair.
"Did you hear that? Chickens in Europe also crow in Indonesian!" I shouted excitedly. My brothers looked bewildered. So I explained to them, "That chicken on TV has just crowed like a chicken in Indonesia, kukuruyuk. I thought it would be doing it in English."

The room exploded with my brothers' laughter.

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