Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hide Bag

Radhit was known as the naughty boy in our class. He enjoyed playing pranks on us, especially on a particular girl named Ningrum. One day, Ningrum decided to get even with him. She did his binder inside her bag. She didn't realize that right after that Radhit also hid something belonging to her, the very same bag!
The rest of the class kept silent and enjoyed watching their silly behavior.
"Hey, where's my bag? Radhit ... it must be you again. Give it back to me!" screamed Ningrum at the top of her voice.
Radhit only replied calmly, "Not until someone returns my binder. I get the feeling that that someone is you!"

We almost died wit laughter when we heard Ningrum answer tartly, "Your binder's inside my bag, you fool!

ha ha .. You hid your own stuff!