Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bit Late

I knew that leaving for school at a quarter to seven was a bad idea. And arriving at school just five minutes after the bell rang was even worse. But when I committed the two sins that morning, I kind of pressed my luck hoping that everything teacher hadn't arrived yet.
Not granted, because as I was running along the hall way, I could hear the voice of my History teacher giving instructions to the class. hearing the instructions, I remembered that my class was to have a History quiz in the morning.
So, I made a dash for my class and said,
"Sorry, sir ... I'm a bit late." The teacher gave me a strange look. When I looked around, I saw faces that I didn't recognize. I stood like a fool in front of them all for about two minutes before it dawned on me that I had entered the wrong classroom and that my History class was in the second session, not the first!

I feel so ashamed , blush and embarrassed.
This event make me blushing and embarrassing ;-)