Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wonderful Trip

It was the first time I visited my dear sister in Jogjakarta. I followed her advice to take a train to go there. "C'mon .. take a train to Jogja. It would be a wonderful trip for you! I will pick you at the station" she said. So off I went to Jogjakarta and the journey was quite smooth. I waited and and waited at the Jogja train station, but my sister was nowhere to be seen. After a long wait, I decided to take a nice sip of hot strong tea at cafetaria there. I headed for the cafetaria, sat down, put my bag next to me, and placed my order. "Hmmm... This is what I call decent tea," I said to myself. I am so sick and tired of weak tea. Not bad for a small cafetaria. It was a small one indeed. Except for me and a gentleman sitting at the opposite table, the place seemed deserted. I spent a long hour there until I decided not to wait for my sister anymore and started looking for her place myself. I was walking along the platform when I realized that I wasn't carrying my bag. I panicked and right at that moment I saw the gentleman in the cafetaria walking a few meters in front of me. He was strapping a bag on his back.

"Wait a minute, that's my black bag!" I said in a weak voice.
"Hey, you .. stop there! That's my bag!" I shouted. The man stared at me dumbfounded. "This is my bag," He said. People were gathering around us as I said,"Liar, you stole my bag at the cafetaria. You ..." I didn't finish my line because someone tapped my shoulder. It was one of the waitresses of the Cafetaria. "Miss, I think you left your bag at the cafetaria," she said and handed me my old black bag.

OOOOPS! Just like what my sister said, this trip proved to be a "Wonderful Journey"