Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Zipper Incident

This story about my funny experience. One morning, my brother and I rode with our father halfway to the office. When we got to the Pancoran area, which is my usual drop off zone, I got out and started to cross street to get on the bus when suddenly I heard a voice on a loudspeaker, "MBAK ...... MBAK ....!"
I looked around and saw a policeman beckoning to me. Well, OK, the Pancoran street is really wide. So, maybe he actually needed that loudspeaker. But why? What was wrong with me? Was it because I didn't use the zebra cross? I was so scared, but I came up to him and asked with an innocent face and in the gentlest voice I could produce, "Yes,sir?"
The Policeman said, "so you won't be embarrassed later ...." The loudspeaker was still on! His voice echoed through the whole street. Everyone instantly looked in our direction, even those standing far, far away from us. And then he continued, "You forgot to zip up your skirt." Luckily, he did not say the last sentence on the loudspeaker.

Of course I couldn't zip up my skirt under those watchful eyes, so I just covered its back with my big bag. Oh gosh! What a bad start!!