Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Turn It Off, Please

I was in the middle of teaching my class when suddenly I heard a cellphone ringing softly. "Whose cellphone is that?" I asked my students. No one answered. Instead, everyone looked accusingly at each other. The soft ringing continued and I got impatient. "C'mon ... This is really disturbing. Please turn it off," I said, raising my voice.

To my annoyance, now my students stared back at me with innocent faces. The class became quiet while the soft ringing became more audible. "Hmmm, Funny," I thought. The melody sounds familiar to me. Then it dawned on me that the ringing came from my handbag on the table. Even though I was sure I had turned my cell off, I still grabbed my bag to check. Ooops! It was my phone alright! Sorry, it's my cell phone," I told my students. I didn't know what the color my face was, but I prayed hard the bell would ring real soon.