Friday, November 27, 2009

Funny Experience in Wedding Party

I had been invited to my diving buddy's wedding party. On the big day, I carefully preened myself losing my usually tomboy looks. I had on beautiful lacy kebaya and sarong. I couldn't wait to see what my other diving buddies would be wearing. They had promised to dress up as best as they could for the party. On the big day, the bride and the groom looked awesome. The party was fun and the food looked great. I decided to sample a little from each dish. While munching, I saw Budi, one of my diving buddies, among several persons heading for a photo session with the happy couple.

I quickly put away my delicious plate of lasagna, headed for the podium, and struggled up the podium stairs in my costume and high heels. When I finally made it, the photographer was about to shoot. On the double, I positioned myself in the front row, giving the peace sign with my fingers. When the photo session was over and I looked around, I was shocked to find myself among strangers. Except for Budi, I had no clue who the others were. Laughters burst from my diving buddies below the podium. Smiling broadly, Budi guided me down the podium to my grinning pals.

"Can't wait for your own buddies, huh? Don't you know Budi is also one of the bride's high school mates? It's her high school mates you were posing with!" said one of my friends. Another friend added, "You know what ... several minutes ago that guy over there asked me what your name was. He seemed bedazzled by the way you look tonight. Alas, your stage antics changed his mind."
There went my dignity and my good chance to meet a guy.
This my Funny Experience in Wedding Party

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Turn It Off, Please

I was in the middle of teaching my class when suddenly I heard a cellphone ringing softly. "Whose cellphone is that?" I asked my students. No one answered. Instead, everyone looked accusingly at each other. The soft ringing continued and I got impatient. "C'mon ... This is really disturbing. Please turn it off," I said, raising my voice.

To my annoyance, now my students stared back at me with innocent faces. The class became quiet while the soft ringing became more audible. "Hmmm, Funny," I thought. The melody sounds familiar to me. Then it dawned on me that the ringing came from my handbag on the table. Even though I was sure I had turned my cell off, I still grabbed my bag to check. Ooops! It was my phone alright! Sorry, it's my cell phone," I told my students. I didn't know what the color my face was, but I prayed hard the bell would ring real soon.