Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Slipping In Department Store

During one of my many visits to a department store. I spotted a cute pair of hipsters. :Hmm.. exactly what I need," I said to myself. Without waiting much longer, I grabbed it and took it with me to the fitting room. Since I was wearing a skirt, I didn't need to take it off in order to try the hipsters on. And I was right, they suited me fine. Making up my mind to buy them, I took off the hipsters and brought them to the cashier. On the way there, I vaguely realized people were staring at me, but I ignored them because I was too engrossed in my new hipsters.

But later on, I knew the reason. A lady who queued behind me whispered to me that the hem of my skirt was hooked at the waist band, and that part of my butt was exposed!
I was so ashamed and feel blushing and quickly fixed my skirt. But it was too late, because now everyone in the department store was looking at me with a smile on their face !