Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hair Drug Test the Best Thing to Teenager

Though your teenager may resent you for it, a hair drug test may be the best thing you ever ask them to do. Teens who are doing drugs may go to all lengths to hide it from you. Helping them to avoid doing drugs at all may also be possible.

It is pretty much guaranteed that your teen will be exposed to drug use at one time or another. Their friends are usually involved when a first trial of the forbidden takes place. Some parents do resort to these tests because they simply cannot communicate with their teen any longer.

Even when a teen has no intention of trying drugs, someone may have offered to sell drugs to them. On many school campuses, students claim that they have already been approached on campus about buying drugs. The students are selling to other students. With this scenario, it makes drug use more probable than ever before.

For some families, hair drug screening on a regular basis has become a way of life.

Desperate to help their child, parents may simply purchase a hair test kit and then warn the teen that they are open to testing at any time, without notice. Teens may be in the battle of their life at school, so parents are increasingly taking their own stand on the battlefield.

For many teens, simply being able to tell their schoolmates that their parents test for drugs will relieve the peer pressure they feel when others try to sell drugs to them. Teens naturally wish to have friends, be part of a group, or seek to connect with others like them. Parents may very well give their teens a gift by helping to take the pressure for declining drugs off of them.

Do create a workable system for testing in your home. Include your teenager in the process. Helping them to understand why you are implementing the system may help them to talk with you about it more easily. If your child is already taking drugs, you may wish to test more frequently, with set times in mind. The hair samples hold drug residues for specific lengths of time after drugs are ingested. You will want to take note of this, and plan your discussions and testing accordingly.

If you decide to go the hair drug test route for any reason, do so by communicating your reasons and thoughts to your teen. Keeping open communication may be difficult, but it is the best route for keeping your teenager safe. It is much better to have open discussions about the scary things before the need arises.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

cat funny picture

humor photo, cat eat hand people who give it food.
you can see cat activity is funny and strange :)

in another fun picture, the cat give up because the cat lovers will shoot.
hehehe , so funny when see the cat give up.

Animal activities sometime so funny and make laughing when the animal doing not normal.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Herbal Solutions

Anxiety can be treated in two main ways. The first is the traditional prescription medicine you get from your doctor. And the other are the natural supplements you can find in any herbal shop. There are a lot of producers who claim to have the best natural anti anxiety treatment based on herbs. And while the effectiveness of these supplements can be really high for some people suffering from anxiety disorders, you have to understand that these herbal treatments are not approved by the officials. In fact, the majority of natural anxiety solutions you see on the market these days even don't have any medical or clinical trials to prove their effectiveness. Also make sure to read about the ingredients of the supplement you want to try using. In most cases, these supplements are based around the same herbs, mixing them in different proportions. The most common herbs found in the majority of natural anti anxiety solutions are Valerian and Passion Flower. Both these herbs are known to help relieve the symptoms of anxiety and are found in numerous traditional remedies in cultures all around the world. Thankfully, there are a lot of clinical studies on the actual effectiveness of these herbs, and all doctors agree that both Valerian and Passion Flower can be effective for relieving mild to moderate forms of anxiety. Taking 50 to 500 milligrams of Valerian per day can help overcome some symptoms of anxiety and be a good addition to conventional treatment. Passion Flower extract can be also beneficial, if taken in safe doses (couple of hundred milligrams per day), and can also help relax and fight stress after a hard day's work. Some people also state that Green Tea is a good way to prevent and treat anxiety in a natural fashion. Green Tea contains L-theanine, a natural compound that is known to have anti-anxiety properties. However, in order for it to be really beneficial in relieving anxiety, the daily dose should be between 100 and 300 milligrams. Many herbal supplements claim to carry L-theanine as the main active ingredient. Still, the actual amount of this substance found in most supplements claiming to contain it is too low in order to state that these solutions are really effective in treating anxiety. Some specialists state that the herb St. John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum) is also quite beneficial for relieving the symptoms of anxiety and depression while not delivering the negative side effects of prescription medications. However, in order for the treatment to be really effective, a herbal remedy based on St. John's Wort has to carry a high concentration of its active ingredient, hyperforin. This substance is quite similar to SSRI anti anxiety treatments, are known to regulate the levels of norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine in the brain. Whatever herbal solution you choose to try, it still won't be able to compare with prescription drugs like Valium. Moreover, only a professional doctor can choose the right treatment option for you and decide whether you need a prescription medication like Valium or a simple Valerian supplement. Don't try to heal yourself without professional medical help, because you can make things even worse. Leave it to people who really know what's best for you.