Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lonely and Loneliness

In fact, if you are single and lonely, is better than in a relationship and loneliness, because when you overcome your loneliness, the only thing that is up to you lost one, while the person is decided in the relationship, its for overcome loneliness risk of losing their relationship.

If a person is unique, this means that you do not make a commitment to someone relationship. You are free to see who you want when you want.

If a person is single, does that mean I have an empty feeling and a general disconnect from the people. You can not speak freely or not to vote for fear of hurting.

As one has nothing to do with loneliness.
In fact, many people are lonely because they are not alone and do not need or are unwilling to be more accurate, less for someone than they expect and deserve to be paid.

Many people are in a relationship because they are lonely and only when they are there easy. Also, many people in relationships still feel alone, have only a few terms for others, as they hide their true both to be run by its members and the world for fear of their own loneliness, for starters.